Unlocking Novel Antibiotics 

Scientists believe that only 5-10% of the total number of natural products produced by microbes have been identified. The remaining 90% of these natural products remain locked within the microbe's DNA, in silent operons. 

"The only platform for which we do not currently have a straightforward path for development is the activation of the silent operons of microorganisms that could potentially produce antibiotics."

-Kim Lewis, 2013 - Nature Reviews

Our Process

Our process begins with GeneMiner™ - a rapid prescreen to match StimKeys™ to microbes.

We then define optimal production conditions in milliliter fermentations using a high throughput screening approach and multiparametic data analysis. We identify conditions and StimKeys™ that maximize the yield and diversity of novel compounds using mass spectrometry and bioassays. 

Using our defined, controlled and reproducible technology, we scale to liter production, generating material for further biological testing and structural elucidation. 

Novel antibiotic hits are developed through lead to the clinic.